Low-Code Software Development: A simple guide

discover how low-code development simplifies application building with visual, drag-and-drop interfaces. Learn about its benefits in enhancing productivity, facilitating collaboration,

From Idea to Reality: Your Essential Guide for Building an MVP

At Assystant, we believe in the power of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to validate product ideas efficiently and effectively, ensuring

How a startup can survive in a recession?

Strategic partnerships are crucial for startups during recessions, offering cost sharing, access to new markets, joint marketing, expertise, and diversification.

5 Jobs Facing Imminent Threat from ChatGPT: A Look into the Future of Work

The emergence of ChatGPT and similar AI systems raises concerns about the future of professions like writing, customer service, language

5G and its impact in our lives

5G is poised to revolutionize connectivity, enabling faster speeds, ultra-low latency, and greater bandwidth. It promises to connect devices globally,

Cybersecurity tips to ward of Cyber Threats

Businesses must prioritize cybersecurity to safeguard against rising cyber threats. Key measures include regular data backups, software updates, antivirus protection,

PropTech Trends of 2023

The real estate industry is undergoing a significant digital transformation with the adoption of technologies such as AI, CRM software,

Choosing the Right CRM: Essential Features for small businesses

Choosing the right CRM software can be overwhelming for small business owners. Essential features to consider include contact management, interaction

Top 10 common cloud security risks

Cloud computing offers numerous benefits but also comes with risks such as data breaches, compliance issues, data loss, insecure APIs,

Best practices for project outsourcing

Effective offshore outsourcing hinges on clear goals, robust communication, monitoring metrics, and rigorous quality assurance. A well-defined project plan, legal
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