5G and its impact in our lives

How can 5g impact our lives? 5G is the new cool thing that is on the brink of being used all over the world. Some places are adopting 5G as their primary form of internet. But will it be good or bad? 5G is cool, and 5G is new. It’s creating a buzz for consumers, businesses, and tech enthusiasts all at the same time. 5G is capable of creating newer opportunities that were never seen before. It is 100 times faster than 4G and has ultra-low latency and greater bandwidths that can transform the world and create newer opportunities.

But what exactly is 5G?

It is the fifth generation of mobile networks. The first generation was in the 1980s when you could have mobile calls, the second generation was in the ’90s when calls and SMS were made possible. The phones could fit in your pockets. The third one was in the Y2K era which enabled internet surfing via a mobile device. 4G started in the 2010s which enabled video consumption and high data speed. But now it’s time for the fifth generation. This is said to enable a newer kind of network and everything and everyone can be connected virtually using this generation of wireless communication technology. If you want to learn more about 5G and connected devices, check this article here.

But what makes 5G different?

Even though 5G runs on the same radio frequencies as the ones used today, it will enable the current technology to do much more. Since everything will be connected, it will be a crucial technology in creating a more cohesive and connected world. 5G can enable newer projects touching ideas like virtual surgeries and smart cities. And most importantly, the connections established by 5G networks are reliable which will help the world have more benefits.

But how can 5G affect our lives?

Because 5G is more than just fast internet. It is capable of creating newer use cases that were never seen before. Just like 4 G-enabled apps like Instagram and YouTube. Machines objects and devices all over the world can be connected virtually with each other and this will help create a more sustainable world. It can touch every part of our life but here are some examples of where it can affect us the most.
  1. Cutting the cord.
Since the dawn of wireless networks, enterprises want to cut the cord and save their prices, and cut the costs from the cable company. Guess what? 5g makes it possible. With 5G technology, you can literally bring about speeds that are just as fast (or faster) than current wireless systems. You can connect many devices reliably with the help of 5G itself. Just a thing to note. Wires will still exist. Just not in the enterprise space.
  1. Logistics.
Since devices are connected at all times, With the help of 5G and IoT it will be easier to keep track of logistics and will bring end-to-end, uninterrupted visibility of goods. This is especially important for SMEs to keep track of resources and inventories so that they can optimally prepare themselves for any issues coming forward.
  1. Remote robotics.
Imagine being connected to a robot from thousands of miles away. Cloud robotics is an upcoming thing thanks to 5G. 5G is capable of bringing humanity to a place it’s never been before. You can have a production line and can monitor workloads without being actually present thanks to 5G. Remote surgeries and telehealth can also be made possible by 5G
  1. Connected homes
Our homes will be more connected than ever. Imagine a system such that as the sun sets down, the intensity of lights in your home goes up. As soon as you enter your home, with one voice command, miles away from your home. You can literally monitor your home from your office seamlessly.
  1.  Connected vehicles.
It must be so cool when 5g can save lives. Since 5g can connect many devices, Connected and autonomous vehicles will be connected and can work seamlessly to save lives by preventing accidents.
  1. Event experiences
5g can be a game changer for many things that can including things like public events like smart stadiums and smart venues. 5G can make it easier to track the data of these veneers to find parking spaces and seats without many hiccups.
  1. Production lines
Production lines will be more predictive than ever. IoT and 5g will help you have production lines collect and analyze data and act on the given data. This will help you make more reliable faster and more valuable decisions But 5g is more than all these applications. It is a generation of technology that will bring humanity so close and connected that we have never seen before. Newer use cases will be seen just because of 5G networks. It will be the tool for a faster, safer, and more sustainable future.

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