Report and Management of Body sensor devices

Client Introduction:

The client is a medical device innovator, designer and manufacturer which aims to improve people’s health through technology and innovation. The company is headquartered in Italy and serves the global market. The company generates its revenue from technology licensing and sales from wearable devices. It launched 2 IOT devices in its portfolio. One is a wearable device for people who are affected from Parkinson disease; The other is a portable device for people with chronic respiratory problems.


The company was collecting large amount of medical data from its user of each device. The data collection was in the form of logs, additionally data of each user was collected and operated separately. So, the company tasked Travelder with the design and development of a 100% mobile optimised web app to collect, manage and report the data more efficiently.


Working closely with the innovators, Travelder designed and developed the Web app using technologies like Material UI, Angular js, D3js, MySQL and PHP. The web app was developed targeting 2 type of users i.e. one for the admin and the other for the doctors/professionals.

Managing users, devices and its subscription were simplified for the admin by collating the data from each device. A dashboard was also built for the admin to give a bird’s eye view of all the users, devices and its usage.
One of the major requirement from the client was also to make the Doctor’s side of the application more intuitive and it is paramount for the success of the project. So, Travelder surveyed upto 5 English speaking Doctors(referred by client) to understand their usage pattern of computers. Based on the survey, it was analysed that Doctors preferred their legacy medical Graphical User interfaces(GUI). So we crafted a fine balance between modern functionalities and legacy user interface.


The Doctor’s found the system very familiar to use. One of the doctor’s wrote “I thought I have to go through couple of weeks of training, but to my surprise, I logged-in and started reading the real time graphs with ease. I know exactly what is where”.
The system is now processing large volumes of data. The admin is now able to manage its data from a single place. This has lead to increase in productivity and operational efficiency.